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Application only up to $250k
(no financial statements or tax returns needed).

Our “App Only Program” is our most popular program for financing new or used equipment, new or used titled vehicles or software/licensing within a price range of $5,000 to $250,000.00, at a competitive fixed rate. Some of the many benefits include:

  • 2-4 Hour Turnaround time for approvals and a 1-2 day timing for funding.
  • Have 3 months available to use the funds
  • Can be used for purchases made up to 3 months prior (Sale Leaseback)
  • Can also be used for as many purchases as your available credit allows
  • Multiple Vendors okay
  • No appraisals needed

Fees: No Application Fee, Documentation Fee, or Annual Fee

Terms: 12, 24, 30, 36, 39, 42, 48, 60 & 72 Monthly Terms are available. Up to 60 months on Software and any used equipment

Suppliers/Vendor: We can finance the equipment you purchase from Vendors, Dealers, Private Party Sales, Auctions, Businesses Liquidating their assets, etc.

Collateral: Only the equipment, vehicle or software you are financing or leasing. This includes:

  • Any new or used equipment (no age restriction).
  • Any new or used title vehicles or trailers (no age restrictions)
  • 100% software and licensing is acceptable.

This program requires no additional collateral and we WILL NOT file a Blanket lien.

Residual Options: Any one of the following Residual Options can be applied under this program:

  • Operating Lease – True Lease with a Fair Market Value (FMV) residual.
  • Capital Lease – $1.00 buyout or 10% put
  • Equipment Finance Agreement – No buyout, Also known as a Term Loan
  • TRAC Lease – True Lease with a 15, 20, 25 or 30% residual option at the end.

Rates: The lease & finance rates are fixed throughout the life of the contract. Our competitive rates are determined each time you make a purchase.

Amounts Leased: 110% of the equipment cost can be leased or financed. You can include such soft costs as freight, training, installation, sales tax, shipping, etc.

Funding: An official bank check or cashiers check will be sent via a complimentary FEDERAL EXPRESS to your vendor. A wire transfer is also available free of charge if you prefer same day funding.

Commercial Finance Program
($50k to $5,000,000)

Available for any company with over 2 years in business, JB2’s Commercial Financing program offers competitive Sub Market Rates available for transactions ranging from $50k to $5,000,000

Flexible Terms: Terms available from 24 to 84 Months

Seller: User to User (Private Party Sales are Okay)


  • Any type of new or used equipment
  • software and soft costs such as installation, training, etc.
  • title commercial vehicle

Credit Information Required for Approval

  • 2 Years Business Tax Returns
  • Current Business Interim Financial Statements
  • 2 Years Personal Tax Returns for any owner(s) with a greater than 15% share in the company.
  • Current Personal Financial Statement for any owner(s) with a greater than 15% share in the company.

Master Lease Line of Credit
($500,000 to $5,000,000)

Combine all of your Equipment, Software & Title Vehicle Needs Under One Master Lease Line of Credit.

Low Rates & Fixed Rates:
You benefit from the lower fixed rates which apply to the combined total equipment cost.

Single Credit Submission:
You only complete the application process for approval once. One approval will cover the total amount.

Multiple Vendors:
This program can be a benefit to you if you’re purchasing your equipment from more than one Vendor. Their payments will not be held up. With multiple suppliers, each is paid separately upon completion and only when you authorize it.

Different Types of Equipment:
All your capital equipment needs are combined under the same lease line of credit.

Separate Delivery Schedules:
Equipment may be delivered at different times, but you are only billed on the equipment delivered to date.

One Monthly Payment:
When all vendors are paid, you receive only one simple monthly invoice for all the equipment.

Capital Lease
Flexible "Lease to Own" Contract Options

The capital lease helps you answer the question of whether to lease or buy. This lease combines the benefits of leasing and ownership, allowing you to know your total cost up front with end of the lease options including  $1 Buyout or 10% of the purchase price (10% buyout).

The JB2 Funding Capital Leasing Program eases the financial impact of significant one-time obligations for national equipment purchases.

Instead of purchasing equipment outright, via an up front or lump sum payment, this program enables equipment to be purchased by installment payments under a lease to own contract.

How the Capital Lease Works
This lease offers terms of 12-60 months. The end of lease purchase option can either be $1.00 or a set amount (e.g. 10% of original equipment value).

The capital lease offers you the tax benefits of the interest portion of the periodic payments and the option of taking depreciation on the equipment.

Operating Lease
Our Lowest Monthly Payment and Most Aggressive Credit Approval

Our operating leases offer a variety of end-of-term options and the lowest monthly payment and most aggressive credit approval of any of our lease offerings.

The JB2 Funding Operating Lease Program will help you better manage your cash flow; a critical component of all successful businesses operating in every economic climate.

Operating Lease Benefits

  • Flexible Payment Terms
  • Low Payments
  • Aggressive Credit approval
  • End of Term Flexibility

How the Operating Lease Works
This lease offers terms of 12-60 months. End-of-term flexibility gives you the option of purchasing the equipment or renewing the lease (both at fair market value), or returning the equipment.

The operating lease includes several accounting benefits, such as not carrying the equipment on your balance sheet and being able to consider the lease payments operating expenses (payments are also usually tax deductible).

TRAC Lease
(Used For Vehicles, Residuals Range From 20%-35%)

The TRAC (Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause) lease is a special type of FMV truck lease specifically for rolling stock and commercial vehicles. TRAC leases can be ideal for small to mid-size distributors, manufacturers & trucking companies with fleets of 5 to 100 trucks, tractors & trailers.

A TRAC lease permits an adjustment in the rental (lease) rate, to be calculated upfront (unlike a traditional FMV lease), based on the amount expected to be realized by the lessor upon sale of the leased vehicle (i.e. through a higher residual), which in turn allows for:

  • The Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause or TRAC Lease allows for a residual to be declared at the lease inception. This unique provision in the tax law provides for the Lessor and Lessee to agree on a residual amount that is disclosed in the documents.
  • This guaranteed residual value allows the Lessor to depreciate the equipment and pass on a lower interest rate and monthly payment cost to the Lessee. The Lessee can then use the TRAC Lease as a tax shelter, to reduce taxable income by using the lease as a 100% tax write-off, operating expense.
  • A TRAC lease provides 100% financing with terms from 24-72 months.
  • OFF Balance Sheet Financing can be structured so the equipment doesn’t appear as an asset or a liability on the balance sheet.

TRAC leases have the following options at the end of the Lease:
a) Purchase the equipment at the predetermined price
b) Return the equipment to the Lessor

  • If the equipment is returned, the Lessor (JB2 Funding) will sell the asset in a commercially reasonable manner.
  • If the equipment is sold for more than the amount of the predetermined residual, the margin or excess amount is paid back to the Lessee. If the amount is less than that required, then the Lessee pays the difference to JB2 Funding or the Lessor.

We advise you to consult with your tax advisor or accountant to decide which option may be best suitable for your company.

Equipment Finance Agreement
(Term Loan)

An Equipment Finance Agreement (EFA) is a fixed-term loan obligation with equal monthly payments, where the borrower is the owner of the equipment and the lender has a security interest in the equipment.

The loan can be paid off any time with no prepayment penalty.

This product is used when the customer knows they will be keeping the equipment longer than the actual term of the agreement. Like the One-Dollar Purchase Option Lease, this agreement may qualify for depreciation benefits.

The borrower deducts as a business expense both the depreciation on the equipment and the interest portion of the monthly payment.

A Lessor may use an EFA, and act as the lender, when the borrower has already taken delivery of, and has paid for, the equipment, when the borrower desires to pay off an existing term loan, normally called a refinancing, when the seller of the equipment is someone other than an equipment vendor, and for computer software where the borrower has to license the use of the software from the software vendor.

We advise you to consult with your tax advisor or accountant to decide which option may be best suitable for your company.

Equipment Refinancing
Refinance for Lower Monthly Payments To Conserve Cash

Let JB2 Funding refinance your existing equipment leases and loans for a longer term at today’s lower finance rates. This can translate into serious cash flow savings per month for your company!

The objective of this program is to ask our customers what they could do with an extra $5,000.00, $10,000.00 or even $20,000.00 per month? Capitalize on economies of scale? Enjoy deep discounts when paying with cash? Grow your business with more aggressive marketing? The opportunities are endless.

JB2 is not limited in offering this refinance program for equipment acquired within the past 6 months – in fact if you have equipment that has been financed or leased several years ago with a balance still owing, we can help you there as well.

If you financed or leased equipment with a cost of $500,000 four years ago, you would probably have monthly payments on the contract of $10,000.00 to $11,000.00.

Why keep paying the $10,000 every month. Let us re-finance the debt for 24, 36 or 48 months at today’s lower interest rate which could translate into payments below $3,000 a month, and you keep the difference to grow your business!

Working Capital
Use the funds for whatever you need to grow your business

Don’t pass up on market opportunities or fail to capitalize on competitive advantages because of current cash challenges. JB2Funding offers a variety of structures under our Working Capital Program tailored to your specific business needs and available resources.

Prime Business Loan:
We put money into your company bank account and you can use the funds for whatever you like. This is a term loan structure, principle and interest amortized usually over 3, 4 or 5 years. There is no equipment taken as collateral, just a simple one page credit application.

Unsecured Working Capital Line:
You have up to a certain amount to draw off on at any time. This works very much like a credit card, however the rates are usually much better and the credit line is tied to your business.

For example, say you qualify for a $50k working capital line; your company can draw off of the $50k in any increments you like at any time. You can pay the full thing off or make minimum payments (interest only) for however long you like until you catch up.

Sale Leaseback:
Our most popular and sensible program.

If you own title vehicles or equipment free and clear with no liens or encumbrances, we will take the title of those vehicles or equipment and put the working capital back into your company.

Accounts Receivable Working Capital:
Factoring against your accounts receivable can provide instant cash for your company.

Simply provide us with a copy of any unpaid invoices and we will loan up to 95% of the value of that invoice.

Debt Consolidation - Wrap Lease
Wrap your current lease with the new equipment you wish to acquire.

Now you can avoid technological obsolescence by upgrading equipment or adding new equipment without increasing your lease payment. This program will consolidate your debt and lower your payments! If you need additional equipment in the future, this program gives you the ability to wrap your current lease with the new equipment you wish to acquire.

WrapLease Benefits:

  • Consolidate current lease with a new equipment purchase and make one lower monthly payment
  • Improve cash flow management, no additional security deposit is required
  • Simplified documentation process by signing a one page lease supplement
  • Avoid technological obsolescence by upgrading equipment or adding new equipment
  • Receive ONE invoice and make ONE monthly payment

WrapLease Activation:

The WrapLease Program is available to you after 12 months of timely payments on your existing lease. We will be sending you a notification letter to inform you of your WrapLease Program option.

If you have any questions about this exciting program please give us a call or email:

Phone: 877.FUNDJB2 or 877.386.3522
Email: info@jb2funding.com

Commercial Real Estate
Loans can be for purchase or refinance for any Commercial Property.

At JB2 Funding, we offer a prime benefit for our Commercial Real Estate Clients. If you are a company owner, the program may allow for you to own the business property personally with a lease between the business and yourself in place.

We offer both Conventional Loans (Full Financial Disclosure) and Stated Income Loans (Very Minimal Documentation) with terms as long as 25 years, up to 90% Loan to Value ratios and no balloon payments.

Loans can be for purchase or refinance for any Commercial Property in the United States.

Small Business Administration Loans
Franchise Financing & Business Acquisitions | Debt Refinance

Navigating the Small Business Administration regulations and requirements can be daunting. Let JB2 Funding help you with securing either of the following SBA Loan Products:

Franchise Financing & Business Acquisitions:
If you are looking into purchasing a franchise or a business, whether it’s in automotive, convenience store, motel or day care – an SBA Loan may be the answer.

Usual terms include 20% equity and can involve real estate or even a seller carry back to help.

Debt Refinance:
If you have an existing business and short term debt and bank loan covenants have you weighed down, an SBA Loan may be just what you need.

Depending on the collateral, SBA Loans can be structured from 7 to 20 years if equipment and owner occupied real estate is involved.

Business Equipment Insurance
Offering Property and Liability Insurance on financed equipment

As a convenience for our customers, JB2 Funding offers property and liability insurance on financed equipment through one of the nation’s premier insurers of lease-financed equipment.

Often times our premiums are less expensive than insuring equipment through traditional carriers.

Programs designed around your business cash flow needs

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No Money Down

Minimal up front costs.

  • No Advance Payment or Security Deposit required
  • Customer pays a $0.00 to start the lease
  • Payments calculated at the determined factor

6 x $99 Program

Exceptional tool for trade shows or other promotions.

  • Customer pays 2 security deposits totaling $198.00
  • First 6 payments are $99.00 followed by 30, 42, or 54 payments at determined factor

90 Day Deferral

Helpful when equipment does not generate income right away.

  • Payments of $25.00 for the first 3 months then normal term at the determined factor
  • Irregular Payment Schedule B is needed
  • Payment in advance as security deposit

Interval Payments

For customers that need annual, semi-annual, or quarterly payments.

  • Terms adjusted based on customer interim or seasonal-based business needs
  • Payments can be structured as step or skip payments
  • Can include sales tax, freight, installation and other soft costs

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