Designed for our most outstanding credit worthy customers. These customers are considered A+ Rated. Great credit personally as well as business credit. No slow pays reflected, never been late on their bills and showing strong signs of staying ahead of the curve.


This program is designed for our above average credit customers. To use a grading scale, we would say the customer that qualifies under this program would receive a B+ to B- Credit Rating. Strong credit (better than average), maybe just a few spotty things in their past still haunt their credit but showing great signs of improvement and on their way to Platinum status.


This program is designed for our average credit customer. A typical customer who is approved under this program has some slow pays on their personal credit, their D&B Business report may reflect some slow pays, however the bills always eventually get paid.


Any new business will qualify as a start-up. Typically anyone in business less than 18-24 months is considered a new business.


Applicants that have had a bankruptcy, liens or judgments, or other credit problems are given the opportunity to acquire needed equipment and rebuild their credit with the Challenger Program.


When the credit situation is extremely tough, our Collateral Program can provide approvals for our customers by simply using other equipment or vehicles the customer has as additional collateral.

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