We stand behind our reputation as a trusted and transparent business partner who puts professional, personal service and high ethical standards above all else.

Regardless of any circumstance, at JB2 Funding our highest value remains being honest and ethical in our business approach. All of our team members understand the following:

  • Be accountable for, and proud of your conduct and your decisions.
  • Only make promises you intend to keep.
  • If things should change throughout the process of a transaction, let people know.
  • Avoid actual or perceived conflict of interest.
  • Always be in compliance with the letter and the spirit of the law.

Trusted and Transparent|

Trusted and Transparent|

Trusted and Transparent|

Trusted and Transparent|

Trusted and Transparent|

Trusted and Transparent|

Why JB2 Funding?

Our Programs

Extremely competitive rates with many flexible financing programs.

Low payment options for wide range of industries/equipment. JB2 Funding offers financing for new or used equipment with terms from 12 to 72 months, and a selection of end-of-lease options. These programs are designed to focus on the needs of our clients whether they are a small emerging company or a "Fortune 1000" company.
Our Clients range from Businesses with Platinum credit in search of lower than market rates for their capital equipment needs all the way to Start-Up Businesses seeking credit for the first time.

Our Service and Systems

Our principal product: professional, personal service and simplified processes.

No matter what type of credit situation, transaction size or product/service we provide, you will experience quality customer care and competitive rates alongside a knowledgeable & professional funding partner with JB2 Funding.
Using a simplified application and documentation process, we can process, approve and fund your lease or loan quickly and efficiently. Every aspect of JB2 Funding is standardized, organized and tightly controlled.

Our Internal Funding Line

JB2 Funding is a Licensed and Bonded California Finance Lender.

We have an internal funding division used specifically to expedite transactions, pre-funding to vendors (which can speed up equipment acquisitions and simplify documentation among many other benefits) and internally finance transactions that make business sense.
This internal line enables JB2 to be more flexible than the average lease broker and not 100% reliant on another institution for a quick and sensible business decision. This also translates into our ability to provide more competitive rates and more flexibility to structure a lease that meets your unique business needs.

Our Regulations

Adherence to the strict regulations and Code of Ethics upheld by the State of California and Department of Corporations.

Majority of people today are extremely skeptical with whom they release personal information to and with whom they do business with. At JB2 Funding we have gone the extra mile to provide the assurance to our customers that they are dealing with an honest and ethical equipment-leasing firm that has only our customer's best interest in mind.
We provide this guarantee by adhering to the strict regulations and Code of Ethics upheld by the State of California and Department of Corporations as we are a Licensed and Bonded California Finance Lender & Broker.
In addition our firm must adhere to the standards and ethical business practices of the Better Business Bureau, American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers and local Chamber of Commerce.

Ready To Grow Your Business?

Complete our simple and secure Lease Application. We maintain full privacy of your information.


Our Clients Reviews

“Jacob is amazing and provided the most responsive service I have ever experienced in a financial deal. The whole process was fast and easy.”

Turf Nerd Lawn Care

“First off ***** W is the man! He helped me with a loan that was much needed on my end and he could have easily said no he couldn't do it at the moment. He worked and worked and made it happen. ***** was super nice down to earth, I could easily talk to him like we have know each other for years. I will recommend him and JB II Funding to anyone looking. I appreciate everything he has done for my company. Thank you!”

Carl W

“Great company. Great service. They get it done.”

Logan Prince

“****** Corporation has worked with JB2 Funding for several years and have found them to be very responsive in service and getting opportunities for financial help. ******** W. **** ****** Corporation”

Fielding Y.

"I have worked with Jacob twice. He is one of the nicest most responsive people you will come across. He does everything he can to get you the best rate and get things done as quickly as possible. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again in the future."

Lucinda Deruosi

I worked with Jacob White. He was quick and responsive trying to get me the best rate for the loan I was interested in for my business. Excellent to work with and wouldn't hesitate to recommend and work with him again. Thank you!!!

Christine Randazzo